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Approved Saniflo plumbers Orpington

At A Brassett saniflo repairs installations Orpington, we offer Saniflo Repairs and Installations. We specialise in service and repair of Saniflo Toilets, Macerator, Sink and Shower Pumps.

Saniflo makes it possible to install a bathroom in your home even if it’s not possible to install conventional plumbing with a traditional gravity flow system. With Saniflo, you can turn a small store room, wasted space under the stairs, or a section of your basement into an extra bathroom. Saniflo toilets use a unique macerating system which consists of a rotating blade. This will liquefy wastes and toilet paper before pumping into a sanitary sewer.

Our A Brassett plumbing engineers operate across a large part of the Orpington and service your Saniflo unit, including emergencies and warranty repairs.

If you have any problems with your Saniflo toilet, shower or sink pump call us today on 0845 555 9595.